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About Gaimo


The essence of Gaimo emanates from the age-old artistry poured into each pair of our handcrafted shoes, a seamless blend of time-honoured traditions and cutting-edge technologies.

Meticulously crafted in the picturesque province of La Rioja, Spain, Gaimo shoes exude a distinctive allure and unparalleled elegance.

Only the finest textiles and natural leathers find their way into our creations, resulting in a kaleidoscope of shapes and colours that grace our soles. Every detail, from delicate embroidery to exquisite ornaments, is carefully attended to, bestowing each shoe with a character uniquely its own.

At Gaimo, we harmonize heritage with a contemporary flair, infusing each collection with the essence of timeless beauty that resonates with the very spirit of femininity.

Craftsmanship, Tradition, Modern Sensibility, Contemporary Design, Timelessness, Feminine Charm, and 100% Natural Fabrics - these are the hallmarks of Gaimo.

Welcome to the world of Gaimo, where elegance knows no bounds, and craftsmanship reigns supreme. Handmade in Spain, we invite you to experience the allure of our artisanal creations.